About Petiscaria

Portugal is like an unpolished diamond. It is a fantastic and fast developing country of gastronomy, but for many people still unknown. Portugal has a strong tradition of tasty cooking and its importance as a wine producer is increasing worldwide. Visitors are impressed by the local food and drinks, but surprisingly there were no Portuguese restaurants in Finland before Petiscaria.

Petiscaria was created to bring the Portuguese gastronomy to Finland. Our service is based on Portuguese traditions and products which we transport from Portugal. We work directly with the best Portuguese food and wine producers. Petiscaria is a restaurant and a small gourmet shop with tasty food, nice atmosphere and friendly service. We want to make our customers feel welcomed, to enjoy their stay, and to leave the restaurant with a big smile on their faces.

Food and Beverage


The cuisine is mostly drawing inspiration from Portuguese gastronomy, but with a twist of our interpretation of each dish. The menu offers a range of snacks, main dishes and desserts. We like to keep our most popular dishes all year round, but we also want to introduce new dishes so each visit may provide a different gastronomic experience.


We import all the wines ourselves. These wines is made by those who we know, whose vineyards we love, and whose journeys we share. It’s honest wine made in Portugal with love and care. We believe wine made in this way tastes better, is more vibrant, and suits our food perfectly.

Our beers and spirits are also from Portugal – we brought all the classics and the latest newbies to give you a glimpse of the sunny Portugal.

The Team

Petiscaria started as a dream of three entrepreneurs – Maria João, Pekka and Carlos Henriques – who decided to bring the sunny and warm spirit of Portugal and the Portuguese gastronomy to Helsinki. At the moment Maria João and Pekka continue developing this special project which is only possible with the help of the “Dream Team”.