The Cooking Academy

With this project, we wish to show you Portuguese Cuisine by giving you the chance to learn it’s secrets. Creating memories and emotions. You will find different kind of courses and workshops. 

Long Term Courses

Recorded Workshops

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Meet the instructors


He was born in Bangladesh and moved to Portugal 20 years ago. He decided to travel and work around Europe. Ireland, Greece, Denmark and now Finland are the countries where he has worked. His speciality are cakes and all the sweet treats.


Carlos came to Helsinki 2012 and he has worked among others in kitchens of Michelin restaurants Chez Dominic and Olo. During last years he has been managing new restaurant openings in Royal Restaurants. Recently he opened Restaurant Nolla with his colleagues. Nolla is the first zero waste restaurant in Nordic countries.
Carlos is an owner/partner of restaurant Nolla Helsinki. Zero waste is his way of life.


Albertino known as ”Junior” was born in Cabo Verde. He moved to Portugal to study economics at the Oporto Catholic University, but his passion for food was stronger.
He worked in several restaurants learning the secrets of cuisine with different chefs and had even his own restaurant. Before moving to Finland he was a teacher at Arco Maior School in Porto. At the moment he is Petiscaria head Chef and Manager.


Maria João knows Portuguese gastronomy in and out. She was running her own takeaway restaurant in the 90s in her home city Porto. Maria João has a solid network of Portuguese food producers, experts and restaurants.
Coming from a big family, food and cooking has always been present in her life.


Mariana has a degree in Psicology but her passions animals, yoga and vegetarian cuisine.
Influenced by her italo-brasilian grandmother, she started very young to be interested in cooking.
She will teach the vegetarian versions of the Portuguese traditional dishes.


Coming Soon