Chef's Table

Everything that happens has a story and a purpose.

They met again 15 years later, Junior leading as Head Chef the Petiscaria´s kitchen and Miguel as a Culinary Director with half a world covered in the past decade, are now together to present you more about Portuguese cuisine.

Represented all over the world, as we all know, but our culinary leaders at Petiscaria, created the best creations and classic interpretations, with the only intention of showing you more about our gastronomy in Finland.

We have a proposal to make for you.

Petiscaria has never been so gastronomically exposed.

We will present you with a new experience, in constant mutation. Several moment menus with wine pairing served at the most requested table in our dear Petiscaria.

This experience takes place every Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday evening, always with advance reservation, 6 guest max and several moments, making this curated experience more special.

Always thinking about all details focused on allergies and intolerances, to welcoming you, your family and friends.

Book a table directly with Miguel, our Culinary Director
mobile: 044 976 6892